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Download ReadyToConnect to Guide<br> Electricians through Installations

Download ReadyToConnect to Guide
Electricians through Installations

Utilize Our Enterprise-Wide Web & Mobile Application to Experience a Step by Step Guide for Installations.

Improve Bottom-line by Saving<br> Time & Money on Each Installations

Improve Bottom-line by Saving
Time & Money on Each Installations

Grow your profits by reducing overhead cost associated with time lost and redundancy during installations.

Interact Virtually with Technical Support<br> to Streamline Installations

Interact Virtually with Technical Support
to Streamline Installations

Connect with an Attendant Virtually in Real-Time to Troubleshoot Installations.

How it Works

Utilize sequential prompts and responsive interfaces to guide electricians to configure meter installations, collect data, capture meter photos, and transmit activities to a centralized team in real-time for review.

Conduct Proper Installation


Installation Sequencing

Experience prompt instructions and questions in specialized sequence to help install point of services, switches, and meters

Installation Management

Take advantage of the ability to create, edit, and remove meter installations in real time to help keep track of installation activities

Store & Modify Installations

Save you point of service, switch, and meter installation configurations for later review, modification, or submission

Capture Images & Data

Collect important images and meter configurations data to make your installation seamless, effective, and reviewable

Real-Time Installation Approvals

Allow remote technicians to approve your installation in real-time to avoid time loss and improve installation accuracy

Schedule Virtual Troubleshoot

Experience technical support virtually using our Virtual Guided Augmented Reality system.

Centralized Data Transmission

Allow technicians to review your installation activities in while you configure your installation in real-time

Reference Examples of Proper Installation

Access installation resources, materials, and references to help ensure you have the necessary information to conduct an installation

Download ReadyToConnect

Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download the latest version ReadyToConnect and improve your next installation today.